Watch Data

18k yellow gold and enamel Chronometer no. -

Case: 18k yellow gold with enamel

Dial: 18k yellow gold

Movement: 17 ligne (serpentine bridge layout) with twice the Poincon de Geneve quality seals. No movement serial number or brandname on the bridge.

1927 - Niton, Geneve

2022 - Ricardo, Swiss online buy and sell platform

2022 - Private Swiss collector

Interesting notice

The serial number on the case (2439) is not in the list of movements that obtained the Poincon de Geneve quality seal. But, the list is not complete. There is also a movement serial number on the movement dial side. The next serial number on the list is 2441 and dates from June 14, 1927 and matches the movement/caliber from that period. The Swiss Helvetia Hallmark on the case back inside indicates that the pocket watch was made and sold in Swiss. The tiny Hallmark inscription under the case serial number (2439) depicts, in all probability V*F, which stands for Verger Freres. Niton also used cases from Verger Freres. Also, the location of the two Poincon de Geneve seals is in exactly the same place as Niton's movements. The oval Niton logo on the case back inside is less seen. The presentation box of the pocket watch depicts the brand name; "Manufacture des Montres Niton S. A." and the cities "Geneve, Paris, New-York, Londres" is authentic and original. An identical movement, but from Lesschot Watch & Co. and also with Poincon de Geneve at the same position, which is in all probability also by Niton. So this pocket watch is in all probability by Niton.