Watch Data

18k gold Chronograph Chronometer no. 3022

Case: 18k gold

Dial: simple hour, minute, seconds. Gold plated silver dial. In all probability signed Beyer, Zurich.

Movement: caliber 18, and in all probability signed with Niton, Geneve, Swiss, 18 jewels, all adjustments. It obtained the Poincon de Geneve quality seals on November 2, 1923.

1923 - Niton, Geneve

1924-1925 - Beyer, Zurich

1940 - Beyer, Zurich

1947 - Beyer, Zurich

This pocket watch was delivered by Niton-Jeanneret and received by Beyer, Zurich first at 1924/25 and for the second time on March 28, 1940 by Müller/ Niton-Jeanneret, and sold on July 21, 1947 for 900 Swiss Francs.

Source/Credits; archive Beyer, Zurich, February 16, 2021. Sadly no pictures available.