Watch Data

Platinum Wrist Watch no. -

Case: s/n; 11, 10% Iridium Platinum case, initials; CM

Dial: Platinum, unsigned dial

Movement: s/n; 825862, baguette caliber 6 ligne, Patek Philippe & Co., Geneva, Switzerland, Eighteen 18 jewels, unajusted.

1937 - Niton, or Piaget, Geneva (still validating)

1937 - Patek Philippe, Geneve

2020 - ebay, seller; oldtreasures333

Vintage 1920s $30,000 Patek Philippe 4ct Diamond Platinum Ladies Watch This is one of the smallest movements made by Patek Philippe and is a signed movement. Exceptional timepiece and dial is framed by baguette diamonds. Band is 7 inches long. Very rare to have a bracelet this long so this watch can be worn like a bracelet. As I said the watch size is small, 8 mm wide and exceptionally rare. I had this looked at by Patek Philippe and was told of the rare movement when returned. Runs and keeps time Cool piece and museum worthy. Serial is 825862, 18 jewelers, signed Patek Philippe & Co GENEVA Switzerland Metal: Platinum Gram Weight: 20.5 grams